LiveActive Sport Medicine is a Toronto physiotherapy and multidisciplinary clinic located in the vibrant community of the Beaches. Our team of health care professionals are highly trained in manual therapy, exercise prescription and a variety of additional skills. The team will always provide a thorough assessment, clinical diagnosis, and design an individualized exercise and manual therapy regimen to help get you back to the activities you love. Physiotherapy is a hands-on treatment that involves restoration of normal muscle and joint movement, the use of techniques to reduce pain and swelling, and patient education to improve posture, movement and strengthening.


Physiotherapy Assessment Etobicoke


Physiotherapy Treatment Etobicoke


Injury Prevention Etobicoke Physiotherapy


Additional skills used by our physiotherapists include:

AcupunctureConcussion Management – Vestibular and Ocular TherapiesStrength and ConditioningFascial Stretch Therapy

Nordic Pole Walking – Active Release TechniqueDry Needling

LiveActive in the Beache’s Physiotherapy Team

Our other services at the Beache’s sport medicine clinic

Sport Medicine Doctor Chiropractor Massage Therapy Concussion Care Osteoarthritis Program Graston Technique ART Acupuncture