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Tiana Ringer
Registered Physiotherapist

Biography of Tiana Ringer

As a physiotherapy graduate from McGill University, Tiana began her practice in Montréal, Quebec where she gained experience in sport therapy private clinics. She had the opportunity to work alongside and be mentored by senior physiotherapists who headed therapy for professional sport teams in the CFL and NHL. After her degree, Tiana chose to specialize in concussion rehabilitation and since has attended concussion seminars at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre and with ImPACT. Tiana continuously works to improve her manual therapy and concussion treatment skill set. She has since continued her education in concussion management by becoming a certified therapist with Complete Concussion Management. Outside of therapy, Tiana is trained in a number of athletic disciplines including classical dance, Muay Thai, professional wrestling, yoga and aerial gymnastics, with certifications to teach many of these disciplines. She is bilingual in French and English continues to improve her Italian.

Tiana Ringer brings a wealth of athletic knowledge, experience and understanding of the body incorporated into every treatment. Her approach to treatment through forms of muscle activation, manual therapy, movement analysis and exercise sets her aside from most physiotherapists in the field. Her goal is to increase movement awareness, stability, mobility, strengthen the body as a unit through neural muscular patterning and create strong foundations of movement. Combining Eastern philosophy of mind-body connection with Western treatment techniques, Tiana truly believes in the individuality of each patient’s body and works to identify the root cause of pain or discomfort.

Additional Skills