Sofia Liantzakis – Massage Therapist

Sofia graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2018 for Registered Massage Therapy.  Sofia’s many years of being a competitive athlete in wrestling and gymnastics has led her to wanting a hands-on career in rehabilitation. After sustaining many injuries herself, Sofia understands the importance of preventative care as well as the rehabilitation process on a personal level. Sofia’s area of interest focuses in to deep tissue therapies, sports massage, pre and post natal treatments, and infant massages.

Sofia is passionate about her patients’ health and wellness and is a strong advocate of preventative care as well as rehabilitation with a holistic approach. With thorough assessments, individualized treatment plans, following with home care, Sofia is committed to providing the most optimal care for her patients. She is a very versatile massage therapist and has started to mold her treatment style towards athletes but also greatly enjoys working with pregnant women pre and post natal as well as massage therapy for infants. Sofia is committed to the rehabilitation process and wants to treat the root of the cause as well has the symptoms that present themselves when a injury is sustained.

Sofia is continually attending workshops and seminars to continuously advance her knowledge of the human body to create the most optimal treatments possible. She looks forward to building therapeutic relationships with her patients in order to work as a team to aid in the rehabilitation process as effectively as possible.


Sofia Liantzakis is available to be seen at LiveActive’s Etobicoke location

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