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Biography of Dr. Dan Kanalec

Dr. Kanalec is available to see patients on Tuesday afternoons and appointments are covered by OHIP. Please ensure you have a valid Canadian health card with you. With a background in emergency and sports medicine, Dr. Kanalec ensures that LiveActive can continue offering rapid access to experienced sport medicine physicians. LiveActive sport medicine doctors are available for ultrasound-guided hyaluronic acid and platelet-rich plasma injections. For more information on PRP please click here

Dr. A. D. Kanalec, MD, MBA, Dip Sports Med, DOHS

Dr. Kanalec graduated from the University of Toronto in 1983 majoring in pharmacology. He then accepted a position at the University of Toronto School of Medicine receiving his MD degree in 1987. The first 7 years of his career primarily involved work as an Emergency Physician. Given his interest in the MSK system and orthopedics, Dr. Kanalec then completed subspecialty designations to become a sports medicine doctor through the Canadian Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine (CASEM). He continued in occupational medicine receiving a Diploma of Occupational Health Science (DOHS) through McMaster University. Dr. Kanalec’s interests lie in general sports medicine treatment, occupational injury treatment, exercise + diet to improve aesthetics & function,  ideal weight management in combination with exercise for the treatment of arthritis.

For information on CASEM and sport medicine doctors, please visit: casem-acmse.org/

Additional Skills

  • Regenerative Injections such as PRP and Hyalruonic Acid
  • Sport Medicine Consultations
  • Imaging and Specialist Referrals