Dr. Ahmed Aljefri – Sport Medicine Doctor

Dr. Ahmed Aljefri is a Primary Care Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician.

Dr. Aljefri was born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He completed his training in Family Medicine at the University of Toronto then enhanced his skills with a fellowship in Sport & Exercise Medicine.

Sports and physical activity have been major parts of Dr. Aljefri’s life. He played varsity soccer during his undergrad years, had many sport injuries, and plays tennis and soccer on a regular basis.

Dr. Aljefri follows a patient-centered approach when assessing his patients. He sees a wide range of medical conditions from the chronic conditions such as arthritis and low back pain to the acute conditions such as acute muscle strains and joint sprains.


Dr. Aljefri is available to be seen at LiveActive’s Beaches location

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