Virtual Care
Physiotherapists and Chiropractors

How it Works
Virtual care allows our team to remotely assess your healthcare concerns and provide guidance on self-care management strategies, functional movements, strengthening, and exercise prescription in a video conference format. Our physiotherapists are available for assessments and follow up visits for new and returning patients, and our chiropractors are available to provide ongoing care for current patients. These appointments are scheduled like a regular appointment at a time that is convenient for you, and are covered under many extended health benefit insurance plans*. Direct billing is also available for eligible policies.

*Provider and policy dependent, we encourage you to confirm coverage with your insurance company first

Why It’s Important
Virtual care with our physiotherapists and chiropractors offer a variety of important benefits for those managing healthcare concerns. Our team is able to assess your concerns, and provide tailored guidance on self-care strategies, exercise prescription and progression, and functional mobility. They can assist you in ways of staying active and preventing injury during this time of physical distancing, and offer their services at a variety of times throughout the week at a reduced cost.

Is It Covered Under Insurance?
Appointments with our physiotherapists or chiropractors are not covered under OHIP, however many extended health benefit insurance plans now offer coverage for virtual care and we are able to offer direct billing for eligible plans. We encourage you to check with your insurance company for information on your coverage.

Is It Secure?
Our physiotherapists use a program called Physitrack for video conference appointments, it is an encrypted and secure platform that is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation; this platform offers greater security against breaches than other video conferencing methods. As always, every reasonable effort will be made on the part of our therapists to ensure the confidentiality and security of your healthcare information.