Telemedicine with our Sport Medicine Physicians

How It Works
Consultations with our sport medicine physicians are now offered through telemedicine. It is an easy, accessible, and convenient way to discuss your health care concerns. Phone or video consultations with our sport medicine physicians are scheduled just like a regular appointment and are covered under OHIP. During this visit you will have the opportunity to discuss the issue, receive advice regarding your concerns, and guidance on next steps for recovery. Our team is available and prepared to assist you in any way that we can!

Why It’s Important
Telemedicine is a valuable resource for patients looking for guidance and advice in managing health concerns during a time of physical distancing. Consultations with our sport medicine physicians ensure continuity of care, allows increased access to specialist advice, and supports rehabilitation and recovery through appropriate healthcare management and guided self-care strategies.

Through telemedicine services, our sport medicine physicians can offer the following:

  • Evaluation and diagnosis of your health concern
  • Imaging (urgent only)
  • Prescriptions
  • Recommendations and guidance on treatment and therapy
  • Phone or video conferencing

Is It Covered Under OHIP?
The Ontario Government has approved the use of OHIP for virtual healthcare services provided by physicians. Phone consultations and video conferencing appointments with our sport medicine physicians are covered under OHIP for those with a valid health card.

Is It Secure?
Our sport medicine physicians utilize phone calls and secure video conferencing for telehealth consultations. Our electronic medical record keeping system is compliant with Canadian health privacy law, and as always every reasonable effort is made to ensure your personal health information is secure.