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My Physiotherapy at LiveActive Sport Medicine

LiveActive Sport Medicine physiotherapists complete thorough assessments, arrive at a clinical diagnosis, and design individualized therapeutic exercises to optimize strength, range of motion, and function aligned with their patients’ goals.

Physiotherapy is a hands-on physical therapy that involves restoration of normal muscle and joint movement, the use of techniques to reduce pain and swelling, and patient education to improve posture, movement and strengthening.

Physiotherapists are university graduates who have completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy or a clinical Master’s of Science degree in Physiotherapy. They undergo rigorous examinations to complete their programme and to be granted their registration as physiotherapists in the Province of Ontario.

LiveActive Sport Medicine physiotherapists have, and continued to study extensive post- graduate training in advanced orthopaedic assessment and treatment skills, Active Release Therapy® and medical acupuncture. Those interested in sport can certify and earn a Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy, making them excellent therapists for major sport events such as World Championships and the Olympics.

When meeting the LiveActive Sport Medicine physiotherapist for the first time the physiotherapist will enquire about the nature of the problem, complete a thorough assessment of the body area of concern then discuss the treatment that will be helpful to begin restoring function and return to sport.

Physiotherapy treatments will generally include instruction in exercises to be completed between visits, empowering the patient to have an active role in recovery and return to sport.

To arrange an appointment with a LiveActive Sport Medicine Physiotherapist call 416-201-9770 or email info@liveactivesportmed.com.

For additional resources visit: http://www.collegept.org