Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is provided by healthcare providers who have completed masters or doctorate level education. Physiotherapists have extensive knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy, and exercise prescription. LiveActive physios are licenced through the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and must maintain their accreditation. They are experts in movement, strength, and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy can help with injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, and help manage and overcome disease or disability. Physiotherapy treatment is a hands-on physical therapy that involves restoration of normal muscle and joint movement, the use of techniques to reduce pain and swelling, and patient education to improve posture, movement and strengthening.

What does a physiotherapist treat?

Physiotherapist are trained to help treat and manage a wide variety acute and chronic injuries, conditions, disabilities or diseases. Check out our team to learn more about the specialty services provided at LiveActive Sport Medicine

Physiotherapy New and Acute Injuries

Sometimes our bodies can’t keep up with our goals. If you’re suffering from back pain, we can help. A sudden onset of tennis elbow or plantar fasciitis, we can help. Physical therapists diagnose the root cause of your problem and will teach you how to manage these injuries with self care and exercises. Manual therapy can be an effective treatment during each visit to manage discomfort or pain can help improve quality of life away from the clinic. Whatever keeps you active, we’ll keep you going.

Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries

LiveActive works with development, collegiate and professional athletes in a variety of sports. When working with athletes, our team collaborates with the entire training staff to make sure each athlete returns to sport safely. Our team emphasizes the quality of movement to make sure each athlete is returning to sport stronger. The physio team at LiveActive works with many sport organizations, including the Etobicoke Dolphins, F.O.R.M. Basketball, Journey to Excel, and Toronto High Park FC.

Physiotherapy for Chronic Pain

Many health care products, drugs and therapies can offer temporary pain relief for a wide variety of chronic conditions. The challenge is to find a lasting solution to your discomfort and an effective self-care program. LiveActive physios will work with the health care team involved in your care to establish a holistic plan of care to address your daily challenges and impairment to get you back on track.

Active Physiotherapy

Active physiotherapy is an exercise focused approach to injury recovery or injury prevention. The therapist will use your physical goals to establish a treatment plan to improve movement and function. This is used to treat and prevent a wide variety of conditions. Some patients will visit more frequently to make sure form, exercise progression, and any setbacks are well managed. Others prefer a home exercise program that is progressed less regularly. Your therapist will advise you on how to get results to strengthen your body. Movement is medicine.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

LiveActive does not have an expansive program for individuals who have been involved in a motor vehicle collision. However, our clinic is a registered facility and perfectly equipped to help our patients navigate the extensive treatment that is usually required following an accident. Our collaborative approach to care usually involves the entire health care team, including physical therapy, sport medicine physicians, chiropractors, and registered massage therapists. With everything in house, it allows your physiotherapist to optimize care to help you get back to living pain free. Talk to your physiotherapist to learn more about how your health care team will incorporate chiropractic and massage therapy services into your treatment plan.

What to expect from your physiotherapy appointments

Assessment and Physiotherapy Treatment

LiveActive Sport Medicine physiotherapists complete thorough assessments, arrive at a clinical diagnosis, and design individualized therapeutic exercises to optimize strength, range of motion, and function aligned with their patients’ goals. LiveActive offers personalized physical therapy programs for each patient in a one-on-one capacity. This allows our team to focus solely on improving the overall health and wellness of our patients by providing optimal care for maximum benefit. At your initial visit, your physiotherapist will assess your current condition and help establish an individualized treatment plan that may include manual therapy, acupuncture, exercises and stretches, or include other approaches for care. Your first appointment is used to establish the foundation for recovery and will always include preliminary treatment during that appointment.

Shockwave Therapy

LiveActive Physios are trained to use Shockwave Therapy. This treatment is often used to treat specific conditions, including plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, shoulder tendinopathies, and other tendon related injuries. Most conditions being treated with Shockwave require a plan of care that includes weekly treatment for 3-5 visits.

Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Acupuncture uses targeted puncturing to ease tension to help decrease pain and increase quality of life. Some therapists will use a technique call neuro-functional acupuncture to stimulate the nervous system to help with healing. Other techniques, like dry needling, are beneficial when treating some conditions like tennis elbow. Needling can be a powerful approach for easing chronic and persistent pain that results from muscle tension. Your physiotherapist will discuss how acupuncture is safe and effective and will commonly be used in combination with exercise rehabilitation.

Who Pays for Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy is covered through most extended health benefit plans. If you have extended health insurance, please inform our administration team, who can help coordinate your benefits and limit any out-of-pocket expenses. If you do not have any personal health insurance, our service rates can be found here. LiveActive accepts all major credit cards, E-Transfer, and cash. LiveActive does accept motor vehicle insurance claims and will help coordinate all necessary paperwork with your auto insurance company.

Toronto Physiotherapy Clinic

LiveActive’s Toronto physio clinic is located at 1876A Queen Street East.

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Etobicoke Physiotherapy Clinic

LiveActive’s Etobicoke physio clinic is located at 400 Kipling Avenue inside of the Ford Performance Centre.

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