Graston Technique ®

Graston Technique ® (GT®) is a form of soft tissue treatment involving the use of uniquely designed stainless steel tools. This evidence based treatment enables medically trained professionals to effectively treat and manage tight muscles, scar tissue and fascial restrictions. Research suggests it is more effective than other soft tissue treatments in areas of the body with persistent scar tissue. Patients with chronic plantar fasciitis or stubborn hamstring injuries are two examples of conditions that respond well to GT ®.

By using Graston Technique ® therapists can shorten recovery time and improve joint mobility, which means patients get back to things they enjoy more quickly.

GT ® Instruments are similar to a tuning fork, and resonate in the clinician’s hands. This allows the clinician to isolate adhesions and restrictions in muscle and tissue fiber, and treat it more accurately. The metal edge of the tools do not compress like fingers, facilitating the treatment of deeper restrictions.

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