Sport Medicine Services Etobicoke

Sport and Exercise Medicine Physicians, consultations with Orthopaedic Surgery or Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialists are available.  All medical doctor  visits are paid by OHIP or your provincial health plans (Quebec excluded). Various procedures and special programmes may have additional fees and a list can be obtained at the reception desk. Special programmes, such as the Concussion Management and Pre- Season Assessments are supervised by a Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician.


Our core services include:

LiveActive Sport Medicine

Treatments will be covered under many extended health benefit (EHB) insurance plans. Every health plan is different and we recommend that you check with yours what services your plan covers.  Patients without EHBs can claim treatment expenses as medical tax credits on annual income tax returns.

Specialized programmes include:

  • Baseline Testing
  • Functional Movement Screens
  • Sport Specific Injury Prevention
  • High Performance Strength and Conditioning
  • Osteoarthritis Program
  • Health and Wellness for Businesses

Physician consultations can be arranged through your family physician’s office and are covered by OHIP. This is recommended to facilitate communication with your family physician and ensure all medical providers are aware of the care being provided.

Please note: Not all services available at every LiveActive Sport Medicine location