Stephani Oolup – Physiotherapist

Stephani Oolup completed her Master of Physiotherapy Studies degree at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia in 2015. Following, she worked in a hospital as a Physiotherapist before returning home to Canada. Prior, Stephani received a Bachelor of Medical Sciences, Honors Specialization Physiology degree at Western University.

Through her education, in conjunction with having always loved being physically active, Stephani thoroughly understands movement requirements for a variety of sports. From team sports such as volleyball, to a more recent focus on independent ones such as running, snowboarding, weight training and more, she understands first-hand the stresses these activities place on the body, and possible injuries that can occur.

In her sessions, Stephani uses a comprehensive assessment, followed with manual therapy and corrective exercises in creating a treatment plan. Since her degree, she has completed courses such as SFMA, FRC, Orthopedic Level 1 and Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1 which she uses to enhance the individualized treatment plans she creates with patients. She is currently enrolled in the McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program, and looks forward to using these skills in future sessions.

Stephani emphasizes education throughout her sessions, providing strategies so patients can continue on the path towards a healthier self. Her passion is to help others get past their pain and achieve personal goals (in daily activities, sports, etc.) through improved physical performance.


Stephani Oolups is available to be seen at LiveActive’s Etobicoke location

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