Kaitlin Phillips – Physiotherapist

Kaitlin Phillips completed her Masters of Physical Therapy at Western University in London, Ontario in 2017. She received a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Cumberland University in Tennessee while playing varsity soccer. Throughout Kaitlin’s career as a soccer player, she had several minor injuries and witnessed a wide range of other, more debilitating injuries. Experiencing and seeing these injuries first hand has given her a greater understanding of the physical and mental aspects associated with the inability to participate in sport/activities of daily living.

Kaitlin Phillips completed her ACSM personal training certification; therefore, her approach to treatment begins with looking at the entire body as a whole and focusing on improving movement patterns and alignment. While doing this, Kaitlin is not only able to assist with rehabilitation of injuries, but also on prevention of future injuries. Kaitlin has a strong interest in the musculoskeletal system; she has taken manual therapy courses including her Soft Tissue Release, Mulligan – Mobilization with Movement, Orthopedic Level 1, and MDX-Framework which focuses on assessment and analysis of structural issues present in the body and how to treat them using specific manual therapy and myofascial release techniques. Additionally, she chose to expand her skill set by completing the APTEI Introduction to Acupuncture and Dry Needling course. Kaitlin would like to complete her Concussion Management certification in the future.

Kaitlin will also be leading the GLA:D program at LiveActive for osteoarthritis management. This program began in Denmark and has been shown to increase strength and decrease pain levels while providing education for individuals living with OA.

In Kaitlin’s free time, she enjoys running, strength training, basketball, trying new cafes and restaurants, and spending time with friends and family. Kaitlin is originally from Edmonton, Alberta; therefore, if you have any tips for exploring Toronto, she would be happy to hear them!


Kaitlin Phillips is available to be seen at LiveActive’s Etobicoke location

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